Middlesex 1861


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14th August 2007 - First Middlesex 61 piece online. Well done Frank & Matt!!
24th November - second piece online, thanks to Lee & Carolyn.
With four people checking the momentum is growing
24th December - third piece online, I'm validating a fourth- now awaiting upload.
2nd Feb 2008 - The Brentford piece is now online - that makes 16,730 records, which is almost 10% of the project online. WELL DONE EVERYONE.
10th September - Just uploaded the eighth piece. Total now 26,389!!
21st Nov 2009 - almost a quarter of the project online!!  10 pieces containing 44,277 records.  Most excellent!
Thanks, Lee, for all your work - hope you'll be back soon
13th March 2011 - 11 pieces online - it's been a slow year for me due to pressure of work.  But retirement beckons and I'll be able to give more time to this and other projects

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